Easy Steps To Make Tea More Conveniently With An Electric Kettle

How to make tea more conveniently with an Electric Kettle

Tea is one of the most loved beverages in the world. Green, black, and oolong teas are the most famous, and they’re just a few of the many varieties available in the market. Also, tea has been utilized in traditional medicine for generations for its therapeutic benefits. Apart from this, most of us love to drink strong ginger tea every morning.

Using a gas stove for making tea is a traditional method but requires a lot of attention to avoid over-brewing. Gas stoves are also harder to clean, and getting rid of spill marks is something that most people struggle with. Additionally, making tea on a gas stove is not feasible for small offices, and houses with small pantries. Hence, it would be best to switch to an advanced way of making tea. With KENT’s Electric Kettle, you can boil water in no time to prepare instant tea, coffee, or soup. Read on to know how easily you can make tea with a KENT Electric Kettle.

How to Make Tea Using Electric Kettle in an Easy Way?

Making tea in an electric kettle is a quick and convenient process. Start by filling the kettle with the desired amount of water and switch it on. Once the water reaches a boiling point, add your tea leaves or tea bags into a cup or teapot. Pour the hot water over the tea and let it steep for the recommended time. Stir and add any additional ingredients like sugar or milk if desired. Finally, strain the tea or remove the tea bags and enjoy your hot cup of tea. Making tea in an electric kettle is a hassle-free method that saves time and ensures a perfect cup of tea every time.

Steps to Make Tea With KENT Electric Kettle

Tea is among the most refreshing drinks and can instantly invigorate you. By using electric kettle, you can make a cup of delicious tea in lesser time every day. Here’s how to make tea using an electric kettle, step-by-step.

  • First, add water to the electric kettle as per your requirement and close the
  • Now, put the kettle on the 360° rotating base, plug it in, and turn it on.
  • The kettle will automatically turn off once the water has boiled.
  • After boiling the water, pour it into a cup and add the preferred tea bag.
  • Within two minutes your tea is ready.

This is how effortlessly you can prepare your healthy morning tea with a KENT electric kettle. Apart from making tea, you can also prepare coffee and soup. Also, if the boiled water isn’t needed right away, you can even leave the electric kettle on the base and boil water again later. However, always remember to turn the kettle off before lifting it. Read further for detailed information regarding KENT Electric Kettle.

KENT Amaze Stainless Steel Electric Kettle – Cool Touch

Kent’s Amaze Electric Kettle is an advanced and safe way to boil water quickly. The 1500W kettle is an excellent combination of design and performance, with a 1.8L capacity that boils sufficient water to make instant coffee, tea, and soup for 5-6 people at once. Because of its cool-touch plastic body, it is a lightweight kitchen appliance that remains absolutely cool from the outside. The 360° rotation base makes it easy to pour water – simply separate it from the surface and make your favourite drink in no time.

KENT Amaze Plus Electric Kettle 1.8L

KENT Amaze Plus Cool-Touch is the finest choice for your kitchen, with functions to cater to every day boiling requirements conveniently and an appearance to compliment your kitchen. This 1500W electric kettle with a 1.8L capacity boils the water quickly and can serve 5-6 people at once. It has a stainless-steel internal body that keeps water warm for a long time and a cool-touch plastic exterior that makes it safer to use. It also has features like 360° cordless rotation for quick pouring, auto switch-off to prevent overheating, and dry-boiling, making it the ideal appliance for your kitchen and daily brewing needs

The Bottom Line

You can now boil water and make tea, coffee, and soup conveniently within a few minutes with an extensive range of KENT electric kettles. These kettles are made with advanced technology to give you perfectly boiled water every time. You can select from a variety of kettles as per your choice and budget. To explore the range of electric kettles offered by KENT, click here.


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