5 Ways To Fight Depression

Anti-depressants don’t always come in prescribed bottles. The way you take care of your mind and body can play a significant role in boosting your mood. From pursuing your passion to being grateful for whatever you have, depression calls for taking small but significant steps towards positivity. According to World Health Organization, nearly 350 million people are estimated to suffer from depression worldwide.

This disorder is much more than abrupt emotional responses and mood fluctuations. The cure to this severe mental health condition is a healthy lifestyle and a positive way of life.

Follow a healthy dietary pattern

As affirmed by research published in the journal BMC Medicine, those who follow the Mediterranean diet are less prone to depression. The research conducted by over 15,093 individuals, concluded that a diet comprising vegetables, fruits, juices, and legumes prevents depression. Nutrition deficiency and irregular dietary patterns not only upset your normal body functioning but also your mental health.

With a busy lifestyle coming in the way of your healthy dietary routine, why not look for easy-to-cook options. Give an energetic start to your day with a glass full of essential nutrients. If the conventional centrifugal juicer is taking away most of the nutrients from the juices, try cold-pressed juicer mixers. Such juicer mixers ensure a nutritious breakfast, which is also faster and easier to prepare.

Meditate for an in-depth analysis

Meditation is an excellent way to provide active training to your mind and create awareness of the inner self. Many studies have proved over time that the symptoms of depression can be best managed with meditation.
A review study at Johns Hopkins estimated the impact of meditation as a natural anti-depressant. The study concluded with the finding that psychological stress can be dealt with effectively with regular meditation sessions.

Physical activity and well-being go hand in hand

Over the last few years, the awareness of the importance of exercise in physical and mental well-being has improved. Exercise is not only recommended for physical well-being but is also a great mood enhancer. Well, those who want to keep depression at bay don’t need to run a marathon but include short exercise sessions in their daily routine.
Duke Medical School conducted a study on a group of 156 patients suffering from severe depression. According to the study, only 9 percent of those who did 30 minutes mild-intensity of exercise three times a day lapsed back into depression.

Pay heed to your passion

In a study of community-dweller elderly people in Japan, the researchers came to the conclusion that those who followed their hobbies throughout didn’t show the symptoms of depression. The sense of purpose in life acts as a mood-booster, keeping a check on depression symptoms.
Taking out time to indulge in activities gives you a sense of satisfaction and keeps you in a good mood for a long. So, why are you still shying away from taking up the paintbrush or strumming your guitar!

Sleep well, sleep adequately

Sleep problems often lead to depression symptoms, and those suffering from depression find it difficult to sleep well. The only way to put an end to this vicious circle is to follow an adequate sleep routine throughout. Also, if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to sleep 7-8 hours every day, try to repay the sleep debt whenever you get time for the same.
As per a report by American Psychological Association, sleep deprivation on a regular basis can lead to stress and mood disorders, along with lack of judgment. According to the study, Americans would be much happier if they would sleep an extra 60 to 90 minutes every night. So, sleep well and sleep adequately to prevent depression from silently creeping into your life.
Those who take care of their body and mental health know how to fight against depression. So, why succumb to the side effects of the erratic lifestyle?

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