5 Easy Steps to Follow a Self-Care Routine no Matter How Busy you are

Self Care Routine for Professionals

Back-to-back meetings, running errands, and socializing with our friends, leave little or no time to follow a self-care routine. Even after preparing a self-care routine, sticking to the plan is almost impossible. Most working professionals fall into the trap of believing that they don’t have the time to follow a self-care routine. However, following a few smart steps will not only help you prepare a daily self-care routine but also stick to it. As working professionals are efficient at multi-tasking, they can use the same planning process to prepare a self-care checklist and stick to it. Read on.

Follow a fun Workout Schedule

Many of us are of the opinion that self-care practices involve eating boring food and sweating it out in the gym, which is not the case. The golden rule is to follow a workout routine that you enjoy. Whether you are a big fan of dancing, Zumba, kick-boxing, or prefer Yoga, make sure that you do something that you enjoy and don’t get bored of within a few days. This will not only ensure that you exercise regularly but will also help you stick to the routine. Mornings are the best time to work out as it leaves you fresh and energetic. In case, you have an early morning meeting, you can always attend your classes in the evening for a day or two.

Get Plenty of Rest

To maintain your fitness schedule, it is necessary to get plenty of rest. Similar to regular workouts, getting enough sleep is a must. A healthy sleep routine not only keeps your waistline under control but also increases your productivity, creativity, and energy levels. If possible, go to bed early so that you get at least six hours of sleep. Make sure that you avoid using phones or laptops at least 1 hour before you sleep to discipline your sleep cycle.

Switch to Healthy Eating

healthy eating

Healthy eating is the key to staying fit. Thanks to our hectic routine, we end up eating a lot of unhealthy and junk food leading to weight gain. Though it is not possible to completely give up junk, you can switch to healthy eating gradually. Make sure that you never skip breakfast. You can also start by preparing a healthy lunch for your office. With the help of modern cooking appliances from KENT, preparing healthy food is not a hassle. Add a lot of healthy vegetables to your lunch. To give a twist to the taste, add some pepper as it increases your metabolism. Always have a packet of dark chocolate in your drawer to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Drink a Lot of Water

Fruits infused water

Aerated drinks taste like heaven during summer. Even after being aware of the health effects, it’s almost impossible to avoid them. Skipping sweetened drinks is an important step that you need to include in your self-care routine. Drink plenty of purified water throughout the day to decrease your stress levels. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you can add watermelon, strawberry, orange, blueberry, cucumber, lime, and mint to alter the taste of water.

Skip Late Night Snacks

Late-night snacking is something that most of us indulge in without giving it a second thought. Late-night snacks, however, have a negative impact on your health. The habit can leave you bloated and also affect your sleep cycle. Late-night snacks also increase your body weight and are the main cause of Type-2 diabetes. To overcome this habit, set a time after which you will not eat. Instead of eating a late-night snack, drink some water as many times we tend to confuse thirst with hunger.

The Bottom Line

Sticking to a self-care routine is easier said than done. We prepare a daily self-care checklist whenever we hit the weighing scale only to stop following it after a few days. No matter how well you plan your self-care routine, you will end up skipping the plan if you switch to a healthy routine all of a sudden. Take small but gradual steps to stick to the self-care plan.

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