Ways to Take Care of your Vacuum Bottles

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Insulated flasks are used by a lot of people these days. The increasing concerns about pollution, the health effects of chemicals in plastic bottles as well as the advantage of maintaining the temperature of the beverages are some of the reasons people prefer vacuum bottles and flasks. However, similar to any other products that you use, the vacuum flasks also need proper maintenance and cleaning. The construction of the bottles, however, makes it difficult to clean them. So, in this blog, we discuss some easy ways to take care of vacuum bottles.

Maintenance Tips for Vacuum Flask?

  • Clean the vacuum flask with warm water and make sure you wash up the liquid before initial use.
  • For the best results, make sure you pre-fill for 3 minutes, with either hot water for hot beverages or cold water for chilled beverages.
  • Avoid using a microwave to pre-heat the flask
  • Avoid overfilling the flask. Make sure there is some space to fit the stopper
  • Rinse the bottle in warm water if you haven’t used the bottle for some time
  • Avoid submerging the bottle in water as it may get between the liner and bottle
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach to clean the thermos as it can damage the steel weld

3 Ways to Cleaning the Vacuum Bottles

Here are some of the easy ways to clean vacuum bottles to remove odor and keep the bottles germ-free. Read on.

  • Use a Tea Bag
  • Use Baking Soda
  • Vinegar

1. Use a Tea Bag

The easiest way to clean your vacuum bottle and flask is by using tea bags. Put a tea bag in the vacuum flask and add boiling water to it. Fill the bottle and leave this mixture in the vacuum bottle overnight. Throw away the mixture in the morning and the bottle will be spotlessly clean.

2. Use Baking Soda

Another smart way to clean your bottle is by using baking soda. The affordable method can help you clean the entire thermos, including the lid. To clean the bottle, you can either use only baking soda or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of soda with warm water. Let the mixture sit in the bottle for some time. Scrub the bottle and rinse well. The solution is better than using soap and water and is ideal for removing odors.

3. Vinegar

Another easy way to clean vacuum bottles is by using vinegar. If your vacuum bottle has coffee or soup stains, using vinegar can help you remove them with ease. Mix vinegar with ice cubes or warm water and shake it for a few minutes. Scrub the walls of the bottle with a brush and rinse the bottle. Let It dry to use the bottle.

Last Few Words

Cleaning and maintaining the flasks in the right way to increase the durability of the product and also ensure that the bottle is germ-free. KENT has a range of thermos bottles and flasks that make it easy to store your favorite beverages in a hygienic way. Though the wide mouth of the bottles and flasks make them easy to clean, you can use the tips mentioned above to clean the bottle.

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