The Importance of Hygiene in Cooking and How to Maintain It

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Your kitchen is the heart of your household. It is the place where you prepare healthy and delicious meals for your family. As a result, you need to ensure that the kitchen remains clean and free of germs. An unhygienic cooking space attracts  cockroaches and rats that make your cooking area a hub of diseases.  An unclean kitchen leads to unhealthy cooking and further leads to making your family prone to diseases like food poisoning and more. Here, we have enumerated a few ways in which you can easily maintain hygiene in cooking and keeping your kitchen spanking clean.

Clean the Kitchen Rags Regularly

The cloth you use to wipe the kitchen counter, utensils, etc. should be periodically sanitized. Wet and piled up kitchen rags carry a lot of germs and bacteria. If you don’t clean them properly, you are potentially exposing yourself to harmful germs that can cause digestive distress and other infections. Wash all the kitchen cloth that includes, scrubbers, mitten, aprons and counter wipes. Start by soaking the cloth in warm water, after that wash them with a disinfecting agent. Air dry and re-use.

Segregate the Cutting Boards

Cutting board is an essential kitchen tool. We use the chopping board to slice and cut vegetables, fruits, and meat. As a rule, make sure that you use separate cutting boards for vegetables/fruits and meat items. Certain vegetables (especially those used in salads) and almost every fruit is consumed raw. Cutting these on a board that previously held meat, poultry, and seafood can expose you to harmful bacteria’s like salmonella (a common bacterium found in uncooked meat), C. jejuni, E. Coli, etc. Although treatable, exposure to these bacteria’s can lead to severe illnesses.

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Prepare Dough for Roti’s Hygienically

Making dough for roti with the hand is a messy affair. At the same time, you need to follow a hygiene routine if you prepare the dough using your hands. To begin with, you need to wash your hands. Secondly, you must keep the length of the nails short. Alternately, you can also use modern appliance like atta maker. Committed to offering innovation and health to our customers, Kent has built the all new Atta and Bread maker. This atta maker is an automatic kneading machine that can prepare dough for rotis, pooris, bread and pizza. The entire process is automated, and you don’t have to use your bare hands for mixing and kneading the dough very hygienically. Easy to store and use, the KENT atta maker is a smart appliance that will reduce your time in the kitchen as well preserve those perfectly manicured nails.

Wash Vegetables and Fruits Thoroughly

If you own a vegetable and fruit purifier, nothing better than that. However, if you don’t own one, before consumption, soak the vegetables and fruits in salt water for about half hour. Wash them in running water and then go ahead with the cutting and cooking process. Salt water helps remove the traces of harmful pesticides and insecticides that may be coating them.

Periodically Clean the Kitchen Cabinets and Refrigerator

From throwing away expired items to getting rid of produces that have started smelling awful, you need to do this once every week. To ensure proper air circulation in the fridge, make sure there is always ample space available, and it is not stuffed with redundant food items. On the other hand, overburdening the kitchen cabinets with stale and smelly food items is not a good idea as well. Always be extra cautious and immediately throw away items that have gone bad. Expired and rotten produces can make the air unhealthy to inhale for you and your family.

Concluding Thoughts

Follow these fantastic kitchen cleaning and hygiene maintaining tips to keep your family and yourself away from possible health hazards. Always remember to wash your hands before getting started with the cooking process and wear gloves while washing the dishes to prevent your skin from encountering harmful chemicals present in the dish wash.
Cheers to a Healthy Life!


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