Healthy and Easy Omelette Recipes for Busy Mornings

Give a healthy Twist to Omelettes

Eggs are the healthiest breakfast option for people of all age groups. Easy to make and loaded with nutrients, eggs keep you full for a longer period of time without adding up to the calories. Starting from hard-boiled eggs, and scrambled eggs to omelets, there is a lot you can make with an egg. However, if you like omelets more than anything else, this blog is for you. In this blog, we share some healthy and easy omelet recipes that you can make for breakfast on a busy morning. To make your work easy, you can use the KENT Pizza and Omelette Maker which helps in preparing perfectly round and well-cooked omelettes. However, before we start, let’s find out how to make the perfect omelet.

The Secret to Make a Perfect Omelette

  • Avoid using cold eggs directly from the refrigerator. Eggs that are kept in room temperature are ideal for preparing omelette
  • Add a small amount of milk before you beat the eggs to make them fluffy.
  • Beat the eggs well to make the perfect omelette. The thumb rule is to beat the eggs till they turn pale yellow.
  • If you are making a stuffed omelette, add the right fillings is not enough. Pre-cook the fillings to avoid sogginess as some of the vegetables like tomatoes release excess water when cooked.
  • Adjust the temperature and make sure that the temperature is between low to medium to get the perfect omelette.

Easy Omelette Recipes

Here’s a list of the healthy and easy omelet recipes for your busy mornings.

Vegetable Omelette

Vegetable omelettes are not only tasty but also nutritious and filling. This protein-rich omelette is perfect for picky eaters who don’t like eating vegetables. You can easily add carrots, beetroot, capsicum, onions, and green chilies to make this omelette. If you want to add some flavor to the omelette, you can add some spices such as garam masala and red chili powder. However, as mentioned earlier, pre-cook the fillings to avoid sogginess. Beat the fillings and eggs thoroughly. Pour the mixture into KENT Pizza and Omelette Maker to get a perfectly cooked omelette in minutes.

Spinach Omelette

Green vegetables, though a storehouse of health, are disliked by people of all age groups. An easy way to include green vegetables in their diet is by adding them to eggs. You can add some fresh spinach with the eggs and prepare a healthy breakfast. To chop the spinach you can use KENT 3 in 1 Mini Blender and Food Chopper to make work easy. The best part is spinach omelette tastes really good, which is why you can prepare this recipe frequently. Add freshly chopped spinach, coriander, onions, chilis, and Italian herbs to the eggs and beat well. Use the KENT Pizza and Omelette Maker for a perfectly round omelette.

So, what will you Make?

Omelette maker

Those were some of the easy-to-make and healthy omelette recipes that you can make at home for breakfast. Thanks to KENT Pizza and Omelette Maker, preparing a perfectly round and well-cooked omelette is no longer a hassle. To find out more about KENT Pizza and Omelette Maker, click here.

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