Health Benefits of Using a Cold Pressed Juicer

Health Benefits of Using a Cold Pressed Juicer

Homemade juices are no doubt healthier than sugar-laden, store-bought varieties. However, many buyers are not aware of the fact that the juicer you pick plays an important role in making the juices more nutritious. Traditional juicers, or centrifugal models, use fast-spinning blades to tear apart the fruits or vegetables. This removes the essential nutrients from the juices, leaving little or no nutritional value.

What is a Cold Press Juicer?

Masticating or “cold-pressed” juicers have become quite popular as these machines extract juice by pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables. These juicers don’t generate heat when extracting, which is why these are also known as “cold-pressed juicers”

Cold Pressed juice by definition is the process by which fresh foods are preserved using High-Pressure Processing (HPP) as opposed to heat, often up to 87,000 PSI.

HPP is also known as Pascalization. The method preserves food products using extremely high pressure. The process removes harmful bacteria (they die at 60,000 PSI), maintains a higher yield of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and preserves a fresher taste. The FDA recognizes HHP for preserving freshness and increasing shelf life without preservatives or high heat.

Difference between Traditional high speed juicer Vs Silent Juicer
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Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices

Here are the benefits of Cold Press Juices over regular juice.

  1. Cold Pressing destroys bacteria on a structural level and preserves the taste and quality that heat and chemical pasteurization destroy. You don’t need to worry about bacteria and your juice retains freshness, taste, and quality.
  2. The method of extracting juice retains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and taste than any other method (except eating fresh). It’s a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet easily.
  1. The taste of cold-pressed juices is unmatched. You can prepare a large batch and store it properly and still have it taste absolutely fresh 2-weeks later.
  1. You get more juice from your produce. A centrifugal juicer doesn’t extract as much juice ounce per ounce, and therefore using a masticating model can save you money on produce. When you juice at home, you can save money and control the quality of the ingredients.
  1. This juice has a good consistency. Cold-pressed juices retain more pulp and fiber, so the juice is a bit thicker. Some people prefer it that way. If you don’t, just add a bit of water.
Difference between Traditional high speed juicer Vs  Silent Juicer
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5 Advantages of Owning a Cold Pressed Juicer

Owning a cold-pressed juicer has a lot of advantages. Here are some of the reasons to own a cold-pressed juicer.

  • Customize Ingredients
  • Retains Nutritional  Value
  • Yields More Juice
  • Low Noise
  • Blockage Free Operation

1. Customize Ingredients

Cold-pressed juicers not only save money but also ensure that you drink healthy and nutritional juices. You can easily choose organic produce or fruits and vegetables from a local farmers’ market to make cold-pressed juice. The juicers also come with a “reset” button. This can be incredibly helpful after vacations, indulgent weekends, or when you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

2. Retains Nutritional  Value

Conventional juicers oxidize the nutrients and fibers due to the heat generated by high-speed spinning.  KENT Cold Pressed juicer does not produce as much heat as generated by conventional juicers, thereby keeping the nutrients and fibers intact.

3. Yields More Juice

For the same quantity of green vegetables and fruits, KENT Cold Pressed juicer yields more juice than conventional juicers. The juicers can also process nuts for the yummiest almond or cashew nut milkshakes, which is not possible with conventional juicers.

4. Low Noise

The lower speed processing gives KENT Cold Pressed Juicer a distinctive advantage of low noise, making it quieter than the conventional juicers. As a result, you can easily use the juicer whenever you need to without disturbing anyone.

5. Blockage Free Operation

KENT Cold Pressed juicer comes with a special reverse action motor that makes it easy to clear the blockages, a feature that cannot be matched by conventional juicers. This feature makes Kent’s cold-pressed juicer a favorite in every kitchen.

Last Few Words

Cold Pressed juicer is not a mere fad. The high utility appliance plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Kent Cold Pressed juicers, along with their several benefits, also come with state-of-the-art technology and are user-friendly. Visit KENT To discover more about this modern appliance.

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