Get a Healthy Bathing Experience with KENT Bathroom Water Softener

KENT Bathroom Water Softener review

For most people, bathing is a relaxing experience. It is also the best way to maintain good health and protect yourself from infections and illnesses. But when the water you bathe with is not clean, it can not only destroy your entire experience but also cause many skin problems especially when the water is hard. Hard water can cause hair fall, skin dryness and skin dullness besides many other problems. A water softener can help you get a healthy dose of everyday bathing and protect your skin from various ailments. One of the best water softeners in the market, KENT Bathroom Water Softener gives you the perfect bathing experience. Here is a detailed review of the product, so you can make an informed decision when buying a water softener.

How does it work?

KENT Bathroom Water Softener works on the principle of the Ion-Exchange process. In this process, the hardness of the water is removed by replacing the ions of hard metals with Sodium and Potassium, making the water soft. A resin bead is used in the water storage tank of the machine where the process takes place. If you are worried about the problems related to hard water such as hair fall, skin problems, foul plumbing, scaling on bathroom fixtures and mineral deposits on your bathroom floor, then this is the perfect appliance for you.

Features of KENT Bathroom Water Softener

Here are the top features of KENT Water Softener for bathroom:

1. Easy to install and operate

The water softening system is ideal for bathrooms and suitable for multi-story buildings. It can be easily attached with your geyser or shower inlet line to provide you continuous supply of soft water every time. It has a very compact design that can be installed in your bathroom without taking too much space. You don’t need to worry about your bathroom interiors as this softener does not have any complicated installation that can damage your bathroom aesthetics, which makes it one of the most preferred water softeners in India.

2. Effective Ion-Exchange process

This process is the most efficient water softening technology that removes the hardness of the water. The water softener employs a high-quality resin bead charged with sodium that replaces the hard metals and softens bath water. KENT Bathroom Water Softener helps in the efficient working of appliances such as geysers and showers.

3. 2-Step Regeneration Process

The water softener uses a 2-step regeneration process that can be easily executed by the user without any inconvenience. The resin bead can be easily charged by adding salt into the water softener and it is ready to use again. Under normal use, it does not need any special maintenance; you just need to call a technician after 6 months for any backwashing or blockage removal.

Last Few Words

Hard water problems are commonly found in India and getting a water softener is the most ideal approach to deal with it. KENT Bathroom Water Softener has a smart water softening technology that ensures you always get clean and soft water. It protects you from the harmful consequences of hard water. Bring one home and get a healthy bathing experience with KENT Bathroom Water Softener. To check the level of hardness in your water supply book a free home visit today.

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