5 Ways Induction Cooktops Make Cooking Easy

5 ways induction cooktop make cooking easy


Not everyone has the counter-space in their kitchens & pantries for a gas stove. A gas stove takes a good amount of space on the kitchen counter, is heavy, and requires you to move it cautiously when required. Additionally, if there are multiple pantries, keeping a gas stove for each is not financially feasible. An appliance that solves these issues is an induction cooktop. This easily portable appliance is light-weight, convenient, and utilitarian to meet your cooking needs.

Induction Cooktops are ideal for people who can benefit from its features.  –

  • People who stay in paying guest accommodations with small kitchens & need to relocate to different accommodations frequently would appreciate the space-saving features & portability of this kitchen appliance.
  • People in joint families having pantries on multiple floors, where keeping a gas stove in each isn’t feasible.
  • Small refreshment shop & kiosk owners who have a less space in their shops.
  • People who work in hospitals & nursing homes and require tea & refreshments at odd hours making it inconvenient to go to the cafeteria.
  • People who frequently set up food-stalls in fairs & fetes. The keep-warm feature of the appliance can also help them keep the food warm.

To do all this and more, KENT’s Induction Cooktop range is just the right choice. Advantages galore – this induction cooktop range from KENT helps you save time, is safe, automatic, and easy to maintain. Additionally, it also looks stylish & contemporary on your countertop. Check out the top five benefits of using KENT Induction Cooktop.

Benefits of Using KENT Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is all you need for a hassle-free cooking experience. It is a safe, time-saving, and easy-to-use device that every kitchen should have. It makes cooking convenient and enjoyable, just how it is supposed to be.

 Faster Cooking

Unlike electric and gas stoves, an induction cooktop does not require a heat transfer device; instead, it generates heat directly in the pan. It also generates electromagnetic activity, which accelerates the heating of the pan. Hence, cooking will take up to 50% less time because the pan heats up faster.

Overheating Protection

Cooking on a gas stove needs your constant attention to avoid overheating the food. With induction cooktops from KENT, you can do your other work along with cooking as it has an auto-off feature. So, the induction automatically turns off once the food is cooked.

Adjustable Temperature

You can adjust the temperature of KENT induction cooktops with the help of the ‘Adjustable Temperature’ feature. It helps cook the food with the right amount of heat and preserves its taste.

LED Display

Kent Induction Cooktop KAG-01 has an LED display for enhanced visibility and convenience of mode selection, so you won’t have to struggle when cooking, even in low light.

Portability of Appliance

Induction cook tops are small making them easy to carry and shift around in the kitchen. The portability of this device lets you use it & pack it as per your needs so that you can have space on the countertop for other tasks in the kitchen such as chopping & cutting the ingredients of the meal.

Choose the Best KENT Induction Cooktop for your Kitchen

Kent offers three different types of induction cooktops at an affordable price.

KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01

KENT KAG-01 Induction Cooktop is an energy-efficient kitchen equipment that makes cooking smoother and faster. The induction cooktop features eight pre-set options, feather touch buttons, a milk boil function, and an overheat safety feature, makes cooking simple and safe.

KENT Gem Induction Cooktop

KENT Gem Induction Cooktop includes five pre-set options, adjustable temperature function, overheat protection, and is energy efficient. It allows you the freedom to cook anything you want with ease and faster. The induction cooktop features push buttons for easy operation and can be connected to any standard electrical outlet in your home.

KENT Joy Induction Cooktop

With its five pre-set options, adjustable temperature feature, and overheat prevention feature, KENT Joy Induction Cooktop ensures faster and more energy-efficient cooking. The induction includes a 1200W power output, easy-to-use push buttons, and digital functionality with an LED display. Connect it to a conventional electrical outlet in your home, and it’s ready to use.

Above are the three advanced KENT induction cooktops you can choose for your kitchen. They are energy-efficient and safe to operate as compared to the traditional way of cooking. Apart from this, they are perfect for hassle-free cooking as they save a lot of cooking time. So, if you’re looking for an advanced kitchen appliance, KENT induction cooktops can be a good choice.

The Bottom Line

KENT is a pioneer in robust kitchen appliances that are reliable and safe. KENT’s induction cooktops make cooking a lot simpler, thanks to their advanced features and utility. These appliances are a must-have in any modern kitchen. KENT’s range of kitchen appliances lets you cook your favourite dishes quickly and effortlessly.


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