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RO Water Purifiers for Indian Kitchen, powered with RO+UF+UV Filters and advance TDS Controller


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  • KENT Grand+

    World's Most Technologically Advanced Water Purifier with Futuristic Double Purification Technology

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    5  (6) Inr 19000 /-
  • KENT Pearl

    Wall Mountable / Counter-Top Water Purifier with Double Purification & Detachable Storage Tank

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    4.8  (5) Inr 19500 /-
  • KENT Supreme

    World's First NO Water Wastage RO Purifier

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    5  (5) Inr 20000 /-
  • KENT Prime

    Advanced Domestic Water Purifier with Double Purification and In-built TDS Control Controller

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    4.6  (5) Inr 19000 /-
  • KENT Prime TC

    Water Purifier with Transparent Cover and State-of-the-Art Technology of Double Purification with TDS Control Controller

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    4.8  (5) Inr 19000 /-
  • KENT Super Star

    Elegantly Designed, Compact Wall Mountable Water Purifier with Transparent Cover

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    4.7  (3) Inr 17500 /-
  • KENT Wonder+

    Wall Mountable / Counter-Top Water Purifier with Double Purification and a detachable storage tank.

    RO+UF+TDS Control
    4.7  (3) Inr 18000 /-
  • KENT Grand

    World's most technologically advanced RO water purifier with a transparent design. Best suited for Indian homes and offices

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    4.8  (4) Inr 18500 /-
  • KENT Pride

    Wall Mountable Water Purifier with advanced double purification technology. Best suited for domestic purposes

    RO+UF+TDS Control
    4.8  (5) Inr 16500 /-
  • KENT Wonder

    Wall Mountable / Counter-Top Water Purifier with transparent design and state-of-the-art double purification technology.

    RO+UF+TDS Control
    4.3  (3) Inr 18000 /-
  • KENT Ace

    Elegant Wall Mountable Design with Advanced Water Purification Technology

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    4.7  (3) Inr 19000 /-
  • KENT Ace+

    Wall Mountable Water Purifier with Advanced Technology and Fully Automatic Operation

    RO+UF+TDS Control
    4.7  (3) Inr 17000 /-
  • KENT Pristine

    Elegant Wall Mountable/ Counter-Top Water Purifier with detachable storage tank and advanced purification technology.

    RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
    4.8  (4) Inr 19500 /-
  • KENT Super+

    Wall Mountable Water Purifier with Transparent Cover and Compact Design

    RO+UF+TDS Control
    4.8  (5) Inr 18000 /-

Popular Water Purifier Reviews

Kent Grand Plus

KENT Grand+ Water Purifier

5 6 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
8 L
5 Using it for last 6 months – Overall product is good

I am using Kent Grand for almost 6 months, I would say that I found the water purifier to be very good. I had a stringent research over other parameters and I have also scouted various other features as well and then I opted for Kent Grand Plus. Overall it is a very good product.

Kunal Mahadik | Bengaluru
5 Value for Money, Really Good RO+UV+UF+TDS Water purifier

Not only I am using Kent Grand Plus for the last 3 months but my in-laws are also using the same product and we are very satisfied with the product. No other mineral RO water purifier can give the same water quality that Kent delivers.

Kundan Rathor | Udaipur
Kent Pearl

KENT Pearl Water Purifier

4.8 5 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
8 L
5 Best RO+UV+UF Water purification Technology

A happy customers of Kent Pearl. Love the design and the technology added in it for water purification. The best thing in this water purifier that I loved in the designs (transparent body) and RO+UV+UF double purification technology. I would recommend it to all who want to buy RO water purifier. Thanks to Kent.

Sunil Mazumder | Durgapur
5 Worth to Buy – Best after sales support

It is almost a year that I have Kent Pearl RO installed in my home. Initially we were using gravity based water purifier, but the taste of the water was not that good, so I planned to purchase Kent Pearl and I am happy with the performance and after sale support from the company.

Gayatri Samantray | Sambalpur
Kent Pride

KENT Pride Water Purifier

4.8 5 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UF+TDS Control
8 L
5 Excellent Service within 24 hours

I am using Kent Pride from the last 2 years. It is one of the best water purifiers for the place where I stay as there is high TDS level in the raw water. After 6 months, I requested for service and filter need to be changed. The technician visited within 24 hours and did the servicing. Buying Kent Pride is really a value for money. I would strongly recommend this product to all.

Naveen Pandit | Lucknow
5 One of the Best RO Systems

I was looking for a water purifier for my home. I stringently checked the model and was quite satisfied studying the technical features and positive reviews. I installed the water purifier and to my surprise I found it excellent in delivering good quality water. It’s a best RO purifier worthy buying it.

P. K. Sarkar | Pune
Kent Supreme

KENT Supreme Water Purifier

5 5 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
9 L
5 Water Quality is good as Promised by Kent

Hi all, I have been using Kent Supreme water purifier for a long period of time and the only service that I have done is that of replacing the membrane and filters. I have not faced any problem like water leakage or UV fail or any other issue and on the other hand, the quality of water provided is also good for consumption. I would recommend to buy this RO purifier.

Sunita Arora | Patiyala
5 Dual water storage Tank, Brilliant Design

I loved the design of the Kent Supreme because it has dual storage tank, where in one tank purified water gets stored and in the other rejected water gets stored. So, you can say it is zero water wastage purifier. I congratulate the engineer for this brilliant technology. Completely satisfied with the RO water purifier system, it is running fine.

Shyamal Pal | Dhanbad
Kent Super Plus

KENT Super+ Water Purifier

4.8 5 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UF+TDS Control
8 L
5 Great Product…. Justifies the Quality

One of the best water purifiers that I have purchased. Kent Super+ is one of the best purifiers in the market till date. The water purifier has a sleek and nice look. Bought it from Kent online store. The water that we got was brackish and not fit for drinking. With the help of KENT, the water quality has improved and it tastes better.

Mukul Ghosh | Kolkata
5 Excellent Product, Using it for 8 months now

It has been 8 months I am using Kent Super plus. The fully automatic operation makes it easy to operate, which is one of the best features of the product. I got it connected with tank water and after purification water tastes much better. Amazing product, I am fully satisfied with it.

Rohit Kumar | Bengaluru

Buy Water Purifier Online

Water makes up for two-thirds of the human body weight, which is the reason why it is essential to stay hydrated. Only 2% drop of water quantity in your body can trigger signs of dehydration such as difficulty in focusing, dry skin, constipation and many other health problems. Rapid urbanization, global warming, dumping of industrial waste in water bodies, oil spills, presence of dissolved gases are some of the main reasons that causes water pollution. With increasing pollution, drinking water on earth is getting polluted and consumption without proper purification can lead to serious health problems. Considering the increasing amount of pollution, it is essential to install water purifiers that remove pollutants and make water suitable for consumption.

What is Water Purification?

Water purification is a process that remove dissolved impurities from natural water and makes it drinkable by filtration. Boiling water is now not effective to remove all contaminants and make water suitable for consumption. Using a more advanced water filtration method is necessary to drink 100% safe and clean water. The need of day is an advanced water purifier to remove undesirable chemicals, suspended solids, and physical contaminants from water to make it safe for consumption.

What is Water Purifier?

A Water Purifier is a kitchen appliance that filter impurities from water and makes it drinkable & healthy. Water Purifiers in India can be majorly classified on combination of their purification process, the purification process in best water purifiers are RO (reverse osmosis), UF (ultra filtration), UV (ultra violet) and Gravity purification. The popular water purifier models compromises of RO+UF, ¬RO+UF+UV, RO+UF+UV+TDS Controller water purification processed.

You may choose a water purifier depending on your need, based on water quality in your region. However, before choosing a purifier get the water quality tested to ensure that the water purifier meets your specific needs. The one size fits all formula doesn’t apply for water filters as the contaminants present in water varies in different areas. Water Purifiers can be further classified by design as wall-mounted, under-the-counter, table-top and commercial models, for use in home and offices or companies.

What are RO Water Purifiers?

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective water filtration technology till date. RO water purifiers use a semi-permeable membrane that filters contaminants such as arsenic, sodium, copper, lead and other organic chemicals. RO purifiers effectively remove harmful microorganisms as well as harmful dissolved impurities so that you get safe and clean drinking water. Whether you are concerned about the health or taste of water that you drink, an RO water purifier is a great addition to your home.

The best part of our RO water purifiers is use of multi-stage purification methods, each stage removes a particular type of contaminant to make water safe for consumption. KENT RO water purifiers come with patented Mineral ROTM technology that retain the essential natural minerals in purified water using TDS controller, thereby making water 100% safe and tasty for drinking. Our 5 stage water purification process are as follows:

  • Sediment filter
  • Activated Carbon filter
  • RO membrane + UF membrane
  • TDS Controller
  • UV Lamp

Why do You Need Water Purifiers?

The need for installing a RO water purifier is undeniable. With numerous kind of contaminants that are found in water supplies in India, a water filter has become a requirement in most homes. You need a water purifier that deliver 100% pure drinking water, without destroying essential minerals, to ensure pure and healthy drinking water for you and your family.

KENT Water Purifier Range

KENT provides world’s most technologically advanced water purifiers with futuristic double purification technology. The water purifiers from KENT use double purification to combine reverse osmosis and UV or UF in multistage filtration process to remove dissolved impurities, retain essential minerals and make water 100% safe for consumption.

KENT, an industry leader in the water purifier vertical, provides different types of wall-mounted RO purifiers that use a combination of technology to ensure that you drink 100% safe and clean water. You can choose from RO+ UV+UF or RO+UF water purifiers depending on the quality of water you receive. The range of wall-mounted RO water purifiers comes with some unique features such as save water technology and in-built reject water tank in a wide water purifier price range. Some of the RO wall mountable water purifiers also come with counter top installation and detachable storage tank for the convenience of the users.


KENT RO wall-mounted water purifiers use multiple stages of purification process to remove dissolved and suspended impurities from water. The patented Mineral ROTM technology present in our RO purifiers help in retaining the essential minerals in water using the TDS controller so that you receive 100% safe, clean and healthy drinking water.

Water Purifier Price List

INR 19000
INR 19500
INR 16500
INR 20000
INR 18000
INR 18500
INR 19000
INR 17500

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