Top 5 Reasons and Simple Solutions of Hair Fall

Get Rid of Hair fall

“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be”.

But, the road to getting beautiful and healthy hair is not as easy as it sounds. Wavy, straight, or curly- the texture of your hair takes a back seat when it’s healthy. However, a hectic schedule, excessive styling, use of hair products, and water quality take a toll on hair health. The never-ending battle to get perfect hair is one of the reasons many people switch to pricey fad solutions such as using conditioners, shampoos, and serums. These temporary solutions only drain your wallet without making any difference leaving your hair dull, and dry. This also results in excessive hair fall, which may lead to baldness. The problem of excessive hair loss is not limited to men. The only way to deal with hair fall problems is to know the causes and switch to the right treatment.

The Probable Causes of Hair Fall

A lot of factors can lead to excessive hair fall. Here are some probable causes of hair fall:

You have Hormonal Imbalance

The hair growth cycle plays an important role in the hair growth cycle. Estrogens, which is a female hormone, help in keeping the hair growth intact whereas Androgens, which is a male hormone, are not hair-friendly, which is why it has a short hair growth cycle.  Different types of hormonal imbalances lead to excessive hair fall.

You take Stress

Extreme stress also leads to hair loss, especially when you are shampooing, styling, or brushing your hair. Certain medicines such as anti-depressants or anti-inflammatory medicines have a side-effect and also lead to hair loss.

You use Hard Water

Water quality is a major cause of hair loss. However, water quality is the last factor that comes to your mind when you start losing hair. Hard water is high in calcium and magnesium, which makes it difficult to wash off shampoo and conditioner, leading to hair loss.

You don’t eat enough Protein

 Protein is the building block of your hair. If your diet lacks protein, it can hamper hair growth and lead to excessive hair loss. The reason is your body blocks hair growth when it doesn’t have enough protein. If you become a vegan or vegetarian all of a sudden and don’t include plant-based protein in your diet, it may lead to hair loss.

You have Iron Deficiency

A common cause of hair loss that most people tend to ignore is iron deficiency. Red blood cells transport oxygen to different parts of the body including hair. Being an essential hair cell protein, iron deficiency affects your hair cells leading to excessive hair fall.

Fix your Hair Loss Problems

Now that you know the reason for excessive hair loss, here are some ways to deal with hair fall.

·         Use a Water Softener

KENT Bathroom Water Softner

Water quality is the last thing that comes to your mind when it comes to hair loss. Hard water has an excess amount of calcium and magnesium that forms a layer on your scalp. The soap scum doesn’t wash off your scalp easily, which leads to dandruff and dryness. However, when you use soft water, it cleans your hair, thereby reducing hair loss.

·         Increase your Protein Intake

Hair is made of protein. Consuming adequate protein is the key to keeping your hair healthy. If you are facing excessive hair fall, make sure you increase your intake of protein. Add a lot of eggs, cottage cheese, and fish to your diet to ensure that you get adequate protein.

·         Reduce Stress

Stress can lead to a number of health problems with hair loss being one of them. Reduce stress by exercising regularly, practicing yoga, meditating, and listening to music. Getting enough sleep is also essential to reducing stress.

·         Avoid Excessive Styling

Blow-dried hair looks good but has a damaging effect on your hair. Avoid over-styling your hair as much as possible. If you really need to style your hair, use a heat-resistant serum before straightening or blow-drying your hair.

Last Few Words

Excessive hair loss is a reason for worry. However, with a slight change in your lifestyle, diet, and water quality, you can easily control excessive hair loss. While bringing a change in your lifestyle and diet is not that tough, managing the water quality is a difficult task. This is where a KENT Bathroom Water Softener can help you out. The water softener ensures that you get soft water on demand, thereby reducing the chances of hair fall and dry skin. You can book a free water test at home to understand how the water softener works.

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