How Hard Water Can Affect Your Baby’s Skin?

Hard Water on your Baby's Skin

From times immortal, water has been a boon for life. But what if someone comes to you and tells you that the same water can be harmful to you? You will be alarmed and shocked at the same time.

And when it concerns your little one’s daily care, then the matter becomes more crucial. You will have no stones unturned to keep that little soul protected. Your baby is the cynosure of your life and anything which becomes a threat to the baby needs to be checked. Now the million-dollar question, how can water be a threat to a baby, specifically his/her skin? What sort of skincare tips can form a protective shield for his/her skin?

Effects Of Hard Water On Baby’s Skin

Water is majorly classified into soft water and hard water. Soft water is the purest form of water without any impurities or unwanted mineral content. Whereas, hard water contains a huge percentage of unwanted minerals. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron are generally found, to cause harm to a baby’s sensitive skin. Let us understand the effects of hard water on the skin:

1. Causes Dry Skin:

Prolonged usage of hard water jolts your baby’s skincare regime and results in skin dryness. A newborn baby or even your toddler’s skin is very sensitive and exposure to hard water takes away the natural luster from the skin. Even after washing with water, certain particles of the same are left behind on the tender skin, thus affecting the natural oils.

2. Aggravates Skin Ailments:

If a baby is suffering from any skin problems, then hard water will only aggravate the same. The presence of magnesium ions and calcium in water worsens skin conditions.

Soap Disrupting skin’s pH balance

3. Disrupts Skin’s pH Value:

We all know that hard water restricts the formation of foam. In such a case, we tend to use more soap on our skins, or for that matter, on our baby’s skin to get that lather, thus disrupting the skin’s pH balance.

4. Causes Blemishes:

Your Little One’s skin deserves the mildest care. But hard water fails to do so. Instead, the usage of hard water even leads to blemishes, rashes, flaking, and consistent itching. But does this mean that you are left with no options? Does this mean that you are bound to make the baby suffer by using the normal tap water for him/her? One of the biggest concerns that alarms a mother is that even if the water is adverse for the baby’s skin, how do we even manage to soften hard water to bath baby?

Soft water for better skin

The solution is the key

Hard water can cause a lot of problems, it can clog the skin pores making it a hard time to clean the tender baby skin. Yes, you heard it right, but, don’t worry, there is a solution. You may not have any option to change the water resource that runs through the taps of your home. However, you can take a step forth by softening the hard water and adding brownie points to your baby’s skincare regime. Using a water softener is the key solution, as this can convert hard water into soft. Soft water does not contain any harsh chemicals and bathing your baby with soft water will ensure that your little one remains safe from the effects of hard water.

Last Few Words

If you want to keep your baby’s skincare problems at bay, then softening hard water is the first step towards that. If water is a boon, then water softeners are the protective shield for the same. Easily installable, these softeners aid in providing you with the purest form of water without any adulterations. Water softeners remove the excessive minerals from hard water like magnesium and calcium ions. Let’s make it easier for you and narrow down your search. KENT provides a wide range of Water Softeners for the “Most Gentle Care” of your little ones’ skin because you cannot take a chance.

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