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Are you protecting your baby from hard water?

Hard water is linked to
itchiness, red rashes and
raises the risk of Eczema
in babies* *Source: King’s College London- 2016

Give your baby the best care with soft water by
KENT Bathroom Water Softener.

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KENT Home Water Softener converts hard water into soft water, to keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth

  • Easy to fit in a bathroom.
  • Suitable for even single bathroom.
  • Can be installed easily.
  • Easy to regenerate by table salt.

How Hard Water Affects Your Baby

When used for bathing, hard water minerals react with soap to form a film ‘Soap Scum’, which sticks to the sensitive skin of a baby causing dryness and itchiness.

  • High-risk of Eczema with Hard Water

    As per a study done by Institute of Dermatology, King’s College London, babies who are exposed to hard water are more likely to have eczema

  • Severe Diaper Rashes with Hard Water

    The mineral impurities present in hard water cause severe diaper rashes in babies. These rashes can spread to the entire body and cause symptoms like fever.

  • Unexplained Skin Infections with Hard Water

    Using hard water for babies is likely to cause unexplained skin rashes, dryness and itching. The dryness can leave cracks on the skin, which can be painful and might get infected.

Our Products

KENT Bathroom Water Softener

  • High quality resin for longer life
  • Efficient Ion Exchange Process
  • Non-electric Process with two step regeneration
  • Easy to install and use

KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

  • Helps produce more lather
  • Enhances whiteness and lustre of clothes
  • Reduces salt deposits on clothes
  • Reduces detergent consumption
  • Compatible with Washing Machines

KENT Autosoft

  • Fully automatic regeneration
  • High capacity- needs fewer regenerations
  • Comes with interactive LED screen display
  • Prevents salt deposits on bathroom fittings and marble
  • Reduces consumption of soaps and detergents

Customer Testimonials
Source : Amazon.in

Value for Money

This equipment was delivered on time and the installation was done the very next day. I found the water softener to be very effective in solving the hard water problem. I am happy using the softener and recommend it for all.

Mukesh Sharma

Very Good Product, Worth to Buy

I am using this from last 3 weeks and I found the product to be good in terms of performance, quality that company promised. I loved the compact design and the performance as well. I would say the product is reasonably priced and the features have been thoughtfully added.

Nikhil Pandey

Highly Recommended

Delivery and installation was done on time and I am happy as the product is genuine and it is working fine. As I was experiencing tremendous hair fall, it was a must to be installed in our home. Now with soft water my hair fall has decreased.

Niti Sharma

Excellent Product

Connected this to my Washing Machine & also using the water from the softener for my room cooler. It does the job perfectly. Detergent powder usage decreased, and the scaling on cooler has also reduced.

Gaurav Roy

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