3 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Owners


Pets are wonderful companions, especially if you stay away from your loved ones. These furry friends keep you company and are a great way to overcome boredom. Though many of you would love to own a pet, the thought of cleaning the home changes your mind immediately.  The presence of pet hair and dander can lead to a number of health problems, especially if you suffer from allergies. However, with the right appliances, keeping your home clean is easy. Smart cleaning appliances such as HEPA vacuum cleaners make it easy to keep your home clean with ease.

Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Tile/ Floors/Walls


Traditional cleaning methods such as dusting don’t remove pet hair or dust mites completely. So, the best option is to use a vacuum cleaner. Try using a cyclonic vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA filter and efficiently removes pet hair, dust, and any other contaminant to provide a clean and dust-free surrounding. The vacuum cleaner also comes with different cleaning attachments that are ideal for cleaning walls, doorways and other areas where pet hair gets accumulated.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Other Surfaces


When you have a pet, it is obvious to find pet hair in even hard to reach places. To clean those areas, most of the pet owners use wet mops to easily remove the pet hair or debris. However, wet mops remove only the visible contaminants.  To ensure that you remove both visible and disease-causing contaminants, get a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The appliance efficiently picks up both wet spills as well as dry dirt from the surface and helps in keeping the house clean.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Furniture/Carpets/Bed

Bed and Upholstery vacuum cleaner

Pets love playing around the house and in the process leave pet hair everywhere. To remove pet hair from such places, you can use handheld vacuum cleaners that easily scoop up pet hair and dander. Handheld vacuum cleaners with UV light disinfection technology kill or neutralize bacteria, viruses, cysts and dust-mites present in carpet, bed sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Some Other Tips to follow

In addition, there are a few other handy tips that you can follow to make your cleaning task easy:

  • Comb your pets regularly because loose hair can turn into tumbleweeds, which spread in every corner of the room
  • Dedicate a special pet area where they can sleep and relax
  • Train your pets to stay away from your furniture
  • Assign a fixed eating spot for your pet to make it easy to clean your home

The Bottom Line

Keeping your home clean is no doubt a challenging job, but having pets can even make your task worse. You need to take care of many things like cleaning the floors, carpets, beds, and sofa so that your house looks clean and healthy. Using the right vacuum cleaner makes it easy to remove pet hair and dander from your furniture, and beds.

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