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Buy Water Purifiers

At KENT we value our customers. We offer water purifier products to keep you safe from waterborne diseases and contaminations. For different usage needs we have designed water purifiers in wall mounted, under the counter, UV, and gravity based models. Compare and buy water purifiers that best suits your needs.

Kent Superb

Wall Mounted Water Purifier

Elegantly designed best in class range of RO water purifiers, highly suitable for mounting on wall at home and offices

Kent Gem

Under the Counter Water Purifier

Water purifiers with very high purification capacity and distinctive space saving design. Suitable for attachment to water coolers and very fit for commercial establishments, offices and homes

Kent Maxx

UV Water Purifier

Highly convenient for users as it is equally suitable for wall mounting or table-top installation. Very suitable for water with low TDS level. Product range includes the only UV water purifier in India which comes up with detachable storage tank

Kent Gold

Gravity Based Water Purifiers

UF membrane based water purifiers which sanitizes tap and municipal corporation water, making it better than boiled water and safe and healthy for consumption

Buy Air Purifiers

To clean pollutants from Air, we offer air purifier products to keep you and your family safe from airborne diseases. For home, office and travelling usage needs we have developed air purifiers with HEPA and Ozone air purification technology in portable home HEPA purifier, car HEPA purifier and Ozone air purifiers in table top & wall mounted models.

Kent Aura

HEPA Air Purifier

Based on HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology. HEPA filter with anti-bacterial coating efficiently removes particulate matter. It also has intelligent air quality monitoring capability

Kent Car Air Purifier

Kent Car Air Purifier

Kent Magic Car Air Purifier, specially designed for car cabins. It uses the tested and proven HEPA technology from Japan, to catch and trap harmful pollutants, which are otherwise known to cause serious health hazards.

Kent Maxx

Ozone Air Purifier

Rapid industrialization, increasing population, deforestation and other human activities are some of the main reasons for constantly deteriorating air quality. Air purifier is no more a luxury, it has become a necessity now

Buy Kitchen Appliances

To provide you a healthy and smart kitchen, we offer a range of smart chef appliances for your kitchen.
We offer Vegetable & Fruit purifier to remove impurities from surface of veg, fruits and meat in table top and wall mounted models; Slow Juicer to retain more nutrients and fibres from juice; and Noodle & Pasta maker to cook healthy pasta and noodles at home within minutes.

Kent Juicer

Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

Extremely low noise and blockage free operation which produces more juice while retaining more nutrients and fibres. It can process bigger pieces and also has mechanism for pulp waste collection

Kent Veg Purifier

Kent Table Top Vegetable & Fruit Purifier

It has ozone disinfection technology which effectively kills bacteria, fungus and other pathogens. Elegantly designed and retains freshness of food for longer duration

Kent Veg Purifier

Wall Mounted Vegetable Purifier

Sleek and elegantly designed which does require any services or change of parts. Based on ozone disinfection technology it effectively oxidises residual chemicals from the surface of meat, vegetables and fruits

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